“Humor always helps”

With its news-style contributions, the award-winning satirical website "der postillon since 2008, confusion and excitement have been caused again and again, especially in social media. Whether it was the introduction of a european national soccer team or the news that angela merkel had founded the afd – even politicians, media and readers fell for the satirical messages. Since 2014, the postillon news has been presented by the presenter duo thieb neubert and anne rothauser in their own tv show, and there is also a radio show. Since the end of last year, the two presenters have been on the "der postillon – live deutschlandtour" on the road. On 14. September they come to bamberg. In an interview, the two reveal why satire contributes to general education and why it can sometimes be frustrating when news reports are not taken seriously. What can satire ideally do for political, social and cultural discussions?? Anne rothauser: it certainly contributes to general education, because it brings current topics to the people, who sometimes only find out about them through us. So satire slows down the much lamented stupefaction of the masses.

Thieb neubert: at its best, satire can point out grievances, but sometimes it can also simply entertain people.

"The postillon joked recently about having failed miserably to get a number on the appointment of a goldman sachs investment banker as secretary of state to the federal treasury. Can satire not do everything?

Thieb neubert: sometimes – and i admit, more and more often lately – reality is simply more satirical than satire. We have to acknowledge this without envy. In this sense, the main competition of the "postillon the reality.

Donald trump as president of the united states, a dictator kim jong-un who became a "peace activist" mutates and the fubball world cup in russia … At the moment, the conditions for cabaret artists and satirists are almost paradisiacal, aren’t they??

Thieb neubert: oh, that swaps. The situation is not all that unusual. In the past, there were so many things you couldn’t make up: berlusconi, for example. Anne rothauser: nevertheless, you have to be careful. It’s getting out of hand. If this keeps up, we’ll soon be out of a job and people will only laugh at what they see on the news every day.

Does the current development of the world situation sometimes frighten you privately and is satire a good way to deal with it?? Anne rothauser: compared to the 70s, i think the world situation today is actually quite dandy.

Besides: humor always helps. Especially in difficult times.

Don’t you find it hard to stay serious when you post your "news"? Read aloud? Thieb neubert: no, we’ve become professional enough to stay serious about the news. The marks and scars on our backs are a lesson to us. Anne rothauser: in such cases i just imagine thieb naked. At first, I don’t feel like laughing now.

How to go to the "postillon so that if one or the other contribution was taken a little too seriously?

Thieb neubert: the question should rather be: how do we deal with it when a contribution is not taken seriously?? These are the true argernisses!

Anne rothauser: that’s right. We present honest news. Can you imagine how frustrating it is when comments suddenly appear under an article with smileys and sentences like "HAHAHA, i’m laughing my head off"?!" ? Anne rothauser and thieb neubert asked themselves the questions.

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