No terror suspects: police release london driver

No terror suspects: police release london driver

After incident in london where car hit crowd, police see no suspicion of terrorism.

The 47-year-old driver was released on sunday after being taken to a hospital on saturday for treatment and then to a police station on charges of endangering traffic. The investigation continued, the police in london announced on sunday.

In total, there had been eleven injured when the 47-year-old’s car hit fubganger near the natural history museum. Nine of them were taken to hospital, including the driver; most had already been able to leave, police said.

The incident had raised new terrorist fears in the british capital, as it was reminiscent of attacks in which cars had been used. Police quoted criminal investigator darren case as saying that he understood the concerns that existed, given the number of gang members involved and the location of the incident. But the investigations had shown that the case had nothing to do with terrorism.

The accident happened in exhibition road, a museum mile in london. The area, which is highly frequented by tourists, is home not only to the natural history museum, but also to the famous victoria and albert museum and the royal albert hall, one of the world’s most famous concert halls.

British prime minister theresa may thanked helpers and burgers via twitter on saturday night. "My thoughts are with the injured," she wrote.

Great britain has already been the target of a terrorist attack five times this year. A homemade bomb exploded on a london subway in mid september. Around 30 people were injured. A man died in an attack on mosque-goers in the british capital at the end of june. Eight people were killed in an attack on london’s borough market and london bridge in early june.

22 people killed in bomb attack on concertgoers in manchester in may. In march, an assassin drove a car into fubgangers on london’s westminster bridge before stabbing a policeman on the floor of parliament. Five people died.

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