“Show an edge”

As far as forecasts are concerned, the limits for farmers resemble the weather and the lottery numbers. This was emphasized by food chemist udo pollmer as keynote speaker at the general meeting of the association for agricultural education (vlf) at the hotel goger in augsfeld. The speaker is the co-author of a series of bestsellers, most recently his book "wer hat das rind zur sow gemacht" ("who turned the beef into a pig")?" For some attention.

In front of numerous farmers from the region, he took a very critical look at many a zeitgeist. He also has no sympathy for the way in which limits are set for manure or for plant protection. At the same time, he also called on farmers to "show an edge".

The discussions about nitrate contamination of drinking water, the "mole in the glass, the speaker called propaganda and proved his thesis with corresponding figures. It’s simply a case of "going against a very specific set of ideas" no longer. Only samples with nitrate levels above 50 milligrams per liter have been passed on to the EU. The farmers had also failed to communicate this. Interestingly, the groundwater in nature reserves was the most polluted. Otherwise we have a largely optimal water quality.

Fight for existence

Udo pollmer demonstrated this using the example of lake constance. "The water is now so clean that the fish no longer grow because there are no more nutrients and no more plankton. And because there is no more plankton, there are no more insects." The fishermen of the lake constance were therefore fighting for their existence.

The science journalist described the limit value for nitrate as politically desired.

He did not see a connection between bee mortality and the application of glyphosate. It is also not at all right that the bees are becoming fewer. In bavaria, on the contrary, the number of bee colonies has grown from 158,000 in 2013 to 189,000 in 2018. Globally, too, things are going wrong with bee colonies and the production of honey. One simply spreads untruths "what they do with them, has the claim of an insane asylum".

The speaker also contradicted the theory that 75 percent of the world’s insects had disappeared. He already doubted the payments. "However, it is certain that insects have disappeared in nature reserves because they no longer have anything to eat there and there are no more cow patties available. Where farmers still practice agriculture, there is also the coarse insect increase."

A "crime story"

He even saw a "crime story" behind the glyphosate discussion, in which someone testified for 160,000 dollars that it is carcinogenic. Pollmer therefore called on farmers to stick together. "They have powerful opponents. Talking alone will not get you anywhere. Look where they still have connected."

"Even if all limit values are complied with, consumers don’t believe it", agriculture director herbert lang said. He pointed out that in the past two years, the number of okoflachen in the district had doubled and the number of water strips had tripled. He also contradicted the statement that one has a gulleproblem. "We have at most a storage or distribution problem."

For frightening he considered it, if in the meantime in the area of office seven of ten animals were abolished and the trend goes further downward. "If we are not able to make clear decisions about farming practices, more farmers will quit. We also want to get in touch with the burgers and convey what agriculture does. With the children and in the schools, we still have the roughest success."

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