The butterfly chosen

The butterfly chosen

Michael bush "pavilion" – the term irritated one or the other visitor who had come to the carl-platz-school in herzogenaurach on the occasion of its inauguration. For with the idea of a "free-standing, light structure in a garden or park, a projecting structural part of a building that stands out from the rest of the building by means of a roof usually in the form of a dome", as at least various lexicons define the term, the new building does not have much in common anymore.

But principal markus hahn was happy to clarify the situation: "the term pavilion was used until the 18th century. Century for a rough, square tent", he started his exports. The word was borrowed from the french and stood for butterfly in the true sense of the word, since the folded ends at the tent exit reminded one of the appearance of a butterfly.

"If today I have the honor of receiving the new pavilion for the school community and have the choice between a war tent and a butterfly, it is not difficult for me to decide", explained hahn.

So now they are in a "butterfly building", the students at herzogenaurach’s carl-platz school. After three years from the decision to build the new school, as mayor german hacker emphasized. "Not a long time, he added. The necessity was unquestionable due to the expansion of the schools and the resulting increase in the number of schoolchildren. In september 2015, the city council approved the new building, and in april 2016, the three-story building was completed. The old pavilion was demolished during the 2016 easter vacations, and the groundbreaking ceremony took place in august 2016. And now it was time to celebrate the inauguration.

Picture saved

Four group lunchrooms, one multipurpose room, eight classrooms, lounges, learning workshops. Checkrooms, toilets, a handicapped elevator and technical rooms are housed on a nice floor plan of about 2400 square meters. Mayor hacker said: "6.4 million euros have been spent, the state of bavaria is contributing 492,000 euros. Hacker also pointed out a detail: "in the old pavilion, where i spent my school days, there was a tiled picture of fish on the wall. We have taken this and placed it here in the new pavilion!"

Rector hahn is aware of the uniqueness and modernity of the building and is sure "that we are envied for the facilities". So there are whiteboards with intelligent beamers in the classrooms. Two learning workshops exist under the ideas of "experiment and research as well as "learning and practicing. These enable competence and action-oriented lessons in which self-discovery, experimentation, teamwork, documentation, presentation and reflection will be possible. Each workshop is equipped with a modern touch screen.

"A light courtyard on each floor allows free forms of work and creates space for reading corners, exhibitions and presentation areas", the principal explained to the guests. Special thanks to the building managers, who accompanied the construction progress with a great deal of knowledge and expertise, coupled with practical experience. "The construction phase has given the principal extra energy. Strength and time resources demanded", hahn thanked the supporting forces.

The ceremonial handover was framed by presentations of the school classes, the church blessing and the presentations of the architect’s office.

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