The long lines swap: baumarkte also traces crisis

The long lines swap: baumarkte also traces crisis

Getting a hedge trimmer for the garden or wall paint for the kitchen: in the corona crisis, many people are using the time at home to renew and tinker – and join the often long lines in front of home improvement stores.

Unlike other stores, DIY stores have been allowed to open in recent weeks. They cover basic needs and are considered "systemically important".

The performance exchanges, however, it came gleichermaben to a rush, says spokesman florian preub of the DIY chain hornbach. "In our german markets, we had fewer customers in april than usual. We bear responsibility for this ourselves – because we have been limiting entry into our markets since the 18. Marz strictly."

A market with 10.000 square meters of sales area, only 100 customers were currently allowed to enter at any one time. "All other customers have to wait – which sometimes reinforces the impression that there was a rush," says preub. However, he says the company is experiencing very high demand. "Orders in our online store are exploding."Interest is particularly strong in plants, soils and fertilizers – but also, for example, in garden toys – and pools. "People are already doing it for themselves and their kids," says preub.

According to the german home improvement, building and gardening association (BHB), the?Ncks wa?Hrend of the corona crisis important, however, they bring many businesses to the existence limit. "In the months ma?Rz to may are estimated in germany 38 percent of the annual turnover geta?Tigt. In terms of quantity, it is even about 47 percent of the flowers and plants that are moved in normal years in these so important months," the association announced.

Fu?R all those involved in the DIY and garden center sector, the corona crisis is a serious challenge, emphasizes the BHB. This is what the workers in the markets experience every day anew. "They mu?They had to maintain operations under significantly more difficult conditions – access restrictions, distance rules, hygiene inspections, and excessive?Nnte occupancy." Nevertheless it remains for the approximately 480.000 of the industry dependent jobs enormously important that the markets can remain open.

Even if the online business is booming – there will be insolvencies, fears BHB chief executive peter wust. "The association represents over 2100 building and garden stores – more than a third were closed for a long time. But the costs continue to run and are higher than before corona due to the safety measures."

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